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Igor of the CoastLine, CGC, TT

Oct 12, 1993 - April 1, 2006

Owner and breeder: Ellen Jo Myers


AKC # DL502763/01

OFA Excellent # FB-823E33M

AKC DNA Profile # V77181

ERG Clear / CNSB Carrier


Best Veteran at 2003 Briard National

SEL USA 2000

SEL France 1996 




First Rass Selected tawny dog in France bred in North America. 1996. He still in 2012 remains the only tawny Briard bred in North America to have won selection at a French Elevage.

In 2009 the first tawny Briard to win selection in France since Igor, was the bitch, Vogue, (aka Dela), also a Coastline kennel bred bitch, who also won 4EXE.

Guardian Spirit of the Coastline, won " Promising Puppy" at the FR Elevage in 2011. She also passed her herding test. She is the first tawny puppy bred in North America to ever receive this award there.

The Coastline dogs are the ONLY bred tawny Briards from North America that have passed the Selection requirements in FR in over 16 years.