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Welcome to Briards of the Coastline

"An abundance of quality in limited quantity for your pleasure and mine." 


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"The only kennel in North America whose tawny briards have passed the selection requirements in France at their National Elevage, in over 22 years, beginning with Igor in 1996" 

In 1989, after a rewarding career as a New York-based fine art consultant and private art dealer, Ellen E. Myers established Briards of the Coastline. The idea was to share her passion and enthusiasm for the typically French Briard, which Ellen felt deserved better representation on our side of the Atlantic. For the past twenty years, Ellen has made regular trips to visit the Briard in its native land, studying the complex diversity of pedigrees and bloodlines that are found only in France, and selecting dogs from some of the top breeders in the chien de Brie milieu. Working with European foundation stock, she’s created a line of Briards in the classic tradition -- rustic, good-tempered pasture dogs with big heads, proper coarse-textured tawny coats, and solid bone structure -- who conform to all aspects of the breed standard and whose qualities she continues to refine today. Not only do these Briards make great family pets and companions, they’ve done superbly in the show ring, too, earning top marks in conformation and herding. Ellen hopes the photographs on these pages will inspire you to learn more about this wondrous creature. To inquire about future litters, please drop her a line.



A strong, healthy, well-built Briard is inherently suited for herding sheep and, in most instances, takes naturally to agility competitions. By way of example, three Coastline-bred Briards are among the breed’s top-ranked in both AKC performance and conformation categories. Others have received their certifications to be therapy dogs. Throughout the pedigrees of all these canines of the Coastline pedigrees, are relatives known for their search and rescue skills, tracking ability, and defense work.