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Puppy Training

Price: $4.99

Get the entire Life with Puppy series which includes the following titles:

-Choosing a Puppy
-Getting Ready for Puppy
-Bringing Puppy Home
-Those First Few Nights
-House Training Puppy
-A Trip to the Vet
-Oh, those Puppy Teeth
-Puppy Needs a Friend
-Puppy Manners
-Basics of Puppy Training

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-Puppy Proofing your Holiday
-Oh, Those Holiday Eats!
-Puppies for Holidays
-Traveling with a Friend
-Boarding through the Holidays
-Choosing the Perfect Gift
-Your Dog, the Gracious Host
-Reducing Holiday Blues
-Winding Down from the Holidays
-Keeping those New Year's Resolutions